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February 4, 2014


When they smile, I feel the sincerity behind the smile. Their smile is genuine. and I love those dimple Lay shi. *hehehe. Hopefully, exo will promote happily and always smile like this, whenever they are k or m. Exo is always exo. We are one. Forever one. Hopefully they will continue to be a great group and always being healthy . 

Luhan and chen chen chen

Chen smile

Xiumin and Baekhyun

Playful Sehun

Maknae rule the world - Tao and Sehun

Kai smile. 

Our Leader smile  - Suho

Love & hate relationship - Kris and Tao

Yixing's smile 


Lay's dimple 


Kyungsoo 's smile

In addition, i love his smile. even though he still young, but one day he will hit big. One day I guess
This ullzang smile - cute

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