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January 29, 2014

Song of the day.

Morning people. It's 29th January everyone. Today is Wednesday. I hope time flies faster, because I love weekend so much. I think semua suka weekend kan?

This morning, while having my breakfast, i'm listen to this song . 

Miracle in December by EXO .

Exo - miracle in december

This song was released about one month ago. But I still fall in love with this song. over and over again. Their voice really melt my heart. Hahaaha. Ngade kan? Actually in exo I love this person, my healing unicorn, LAY. But something I just can't choose my ultimate bias in this group. Hahaha. Sorry LAY.

LAY, my healing unicorn

So, my wish is everyone will have a good day and love EXO. Hahaha.
So, check this out everybody.

You also can check the other version, chinese version . happy wednesday everyone. ^^

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