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January 28, 2014

Quote of the day.

Alhamdullilah. I live for another day. And this is my first post after a long time right? Yeay. It's 2014 everybody. Although today is January 28th, but it still 2014 right? This year I will be 22 years old. Waaa, cepatnyaa masa berlalu. And this blog dah masuk 4 years since I made this blog. So, I think I will make a huge improvement for this blog. I hope so laa.

Sometimes, I miss to write. But I never had enough time to do that. So, I'm install this apps in my phone, so I can always can update for my blog right?

Blog apps

And yes, I really love to read a quote so I can motivate myself. So, quote of the day is ...

The greatest patience is to keep silence while your heart marked with thousand scars, and the greatest power is to smile while your eyes flooded with an ocean of tears.

Thanks Ya Allah for this meaningful life. I will always live my life to the fullness and be thankful and grateful for this life . thanks Allah.

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