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January 31, 2014

My destiny.

You're my destiny, You're my everything I only look at you as I call out to you silently, You're the one my love, you are, You're my delight of all, You are my love forever

Hi everyone. Today is 31st January.  And Happy Chinese New Year to all people around the world. So, hari ini public holiday. Penat seminggu ni berkejar masuk lab and class. So, today i wanna rest my mind dengan layan this drama. MY LOVE FROM THE STAR ( 별에서 온 그대).

The main reason i'm watching this drama because of him, Kim Soo Hyun. Besides, the story is pretty interesting to watch, about a man who is an alien, fall in love with a woman, a human. The female lead role, Jun Ji Hyun is one of the top actress in South Korea and nearly 14 years she does not take any role in drama. Kim Soo Hyun convince her to join the drama because the female character of this drama have to be her, not others. 

Kim Soo Hyun & Jun Ji Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun

My Love From The Star
I love the OST in this drama especially this: My destiny - Lyn

My Destiny - Lyn

I love this drama, but I love it more when i see this. 

He such a great actor, because I love to watch this scene so much. *tengok ni pon rasa nak nangis jugak

 So everyone, happy holiday and let's watch this drama ^^

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