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January 1, 2011


to everyone :
setiap kali tahun baru, msti ade azam baru, kan ? tapi perlu kew?
umur saya dah 19 tahun nie, *alamak tua nyer, so, xkan la tiap2 tahun nk wat azam baru kot?
yg nk sya tegaskan disini, terpulang lah kepada stiap individu, bgaimana nk hargai kdtngn tahun baru ini..
for me, NEW YEAR, new memory, hope and a lot of smiles !
to 2010, you left me with full of memory that i would not to forget them easily.
2010 give me more experience to be a tough person for future.
2010 was a year, i had totally down and full of depress..
i almost want to give up, but..
my family and friend never give up to give their support,
so, why i had to stop believe in myself, while they are not?
thanks for never stop believe in me !
thank you from me
*this song by 2PM (THANK YOU)
I didn’t know I was going to tell you like this No words were enough I couldn’t say anything I was so thankful I didn’t know what to do I wasn’t able to do anything for you, But you just keep on giving without stopping So I thank you thank you thank you and I love you love you love you Because of the love you gave me, I’m standing here like this
and thanks to 2010 because you had give so much that i never had..
and now, 2011..
i was 19, i will never give up..
start believe in myself..
with new hope and lot of smile to get through with this life..
in this life, i had learned something in FOUR words..

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