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April 3, 2011

the yongseo couple last episode T.T

tears from seohyun.. T.T

the first and last hug for them

finally, yongseo couple end today.. T.T

yonghwa have give a big teddy bear, flowers and pink guitar for her wife.. 
seohyun also prepare a book "yonghwa and seohyun story" . their story and their sweet time together!

seohyun said, she wouldn't cry, but she shed her tears when reminiscing about their time together. 
they initially, say goodbye but suddenly, seohyun come out once again, give a bow to yonghwa for their time together and yonghwa and seohyun finally hug! 

yonghwa and seohyun

yonghwa unni and seohyun oppa~~

goguma couple weeding picture

their romantic night! ^^
to goguma couple: thanks for the sweet memory that u gave me and all viewers.. Goguma couple fighting! 

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