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April 19, 2011

matrik is just a life and i will left it on 20.04.2011

bye bye, n thnks for evrythng!

say goodbye everyone for matrik life! bcuz it finish already!
now, i will be in long holiday! yeay! 
totally excited! go go go holiday! 

but, matrik nie xde makne kew kat aku?
haish, ade la.. just kdg2 kecewa je yg byk.
well, i'm not a perfect girl..
but people not understand that statement..
yeah, just terlalu nk blieve org sgt!
aku xkesah, sbb

this phase of life make me, more mature and more and more think about my future and life.
aku xprnh nk brmaksud nk wat any msuh, tp..
dh ade jew yg nk ANTIkan aku, well,
what should i do?
nothing! hehe~~
because, aku dh pnat pkir psal org, tp.. ade kew yg pdulikan aku?
shall i guess?
rsenye x..

btw, i hope i will get better future.. 
and keep support me..
thanks to my truly friend, family and others..
so, sayonara KOLEJ MARA KULIM! ^^
always stay in my memory,,

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