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March 28, 2011

seohyun and yonghwa-final episode of goguma couple

sweet moment of goguma couple!


goguma couple!! 
it's too hard to watch this week episode..
it is 1st part of the final episode ! 

forming heart! love goguma couple so much! 

busan! they come!

this is the preview of their last episode ( the last day together!)! it is very very sad when yonghwa said:

"please take my heart" 
" what u gonna do hyun~~ how are u going to live without me? it will be boring! " 
so sad!! 


sasa said...

kamu tngok final ep ni kat mane ae??nak tengok juge..suke drg sangat..sasa ade sampai ep 33 je

t e e n | b u b u s said...

sorry sasa~~ baru prsan msj sasa.
tgk kat link nie..