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March 20, 2011

seo hyun and yong hwa couple! i'll miss them forever!

yongseo couple wedding picture
yongseo duet.. :)

now, their turn are come..
no more happiness and warm relationship from them.. All good thins must come to an end..

And after one year or 393 days of their relationship, GOGUMA COUPLE calls it quits. waaaa~~~ so sad!!! 

the GOGUMA COUPLE, c.n. blue yonghwa and SNSD seohyun officially declared, they would be leaving the virtual marriage variety show, WE GOT MARRIED! 

their reasons are : Snsd are becoming busy with their schedule and Yong Hwa will busy with his new drama, FESTIVAL. besides, CN blue comeback is on 21 MARCH 2011.. 

we got married-yonghwa and seohyun weeding picture
first kiss receive by seohyun! you r very luck yong hwa.

*they had a beautiful and sweet relationship. i wish, their marriage will become true in future. i hope for it so much! 

wedding picture of goguma couple. 

goguma couple.. :)

a cute young couple.. :)

 *i hope their relationship will be long lasting whether they had leaved WE GOT MARRIED. always be happy GOGUMA COUPLE! fighting! :)

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