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February 7, 2011

you know you're a KPOP lover when....


you learn the Korean language solely from music and dramas
you start comparing every guy’s body to either Taeyang’s, Jaebeom’s, Rain’s, Joon’s or Kikwang’s
you make it your life mission to see TOP shirtless
you want to be older, just for Taemin.
you believe that Rain is the person who actually makes it rain
you love Korean cellphones better than American phones
you refer to your favorite idol as your husband/wife
you enjoy fan service provided from “couples” within a group
you randomly break into “ssanti” dances
you love boy bands
you love boy bands to have straight guys to dress up as girls (i immediatly thought of Heechul)
you know every single name of a group with an outrageous number of people (...suju)
bad news about your bias makes you want to shoot something
you start pronouncing LEADER as LEADJA
you start spelling SHINY as SHINEE
your grammar becomes so horrible, you say, “WHERE U AT?!”
you want “Wedding Dress” to be the song you walk down the aisle to
BIG BANG is not a theory or a TV show
you want to get everyone dried mangoes for Christmas
you have no idea what’s going on in Hollywood
you think Edward Cullen has nothing on Jaejoong
everyone knows your ideal type of boyfriend/girlfriend to be Korean
your family to look at you funny when you laugh at the computer
you think that Seung Ri is cuter than Justin Bieber.
you spam tweet anything that’s Korean
you want to move to Seattle
girls can be good at rapping
idols can be eccentric and different
colored skinny jeans to look amazing on guys
you try to start a flash mob
you go from wanting to travel to Hawaii to South Korea
your phone goes RING DING DONG whenever you receive a call
you have a folder on your computer specifically for your favorite artist
you love Twitter because you can follow (“stalk”) your K-idols
you have a tumblr (where you spam your bias and K-pop)
you stay up late to watch streamed music shows
you break G-Dragon’s heart
you dedicate most of your time at fan forums
you get most of your news from sites like allkpop, * and other kpop blogs
you’re broke half the time from spending too much on YesAsia
more than half your iTunes library is filled with K-pop
you want Jokwon and Ga-in to marry for real
you often want to slap stylist noonas
guyliner is normal
you’re fine with seeing guys cross-dress
girl groups want to make you lose weight
in math classes, you can’t help but smile if f(x) is mentioned
DC does not mean Disney Channel
seeing pigeons make you think of Eli
Nichkhun is royalty
your favorite interview question for idols is “What is your ideal girl? / What is your type?”
Gee is a musical virus
you just love macros
you make/save gifs of funny/fail moments
instead of saying “I don’t care”, you say “I Don’t Care-eh-eh-eh-eh-ehhh…”
you can’t concentrate on your studies when you think of your idols
you have already worked out your Korean name
you can write your name in Hangeul
you are “married to” your bias on Facebook
your friends point to a picture of your bias and ask “who’s that?” you say “oh, it’s just my boyfriend/girlfriend”
credit to: my friends, nawal ! ngee~~

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